Once Upon A Time…

“Once upon a time, there was a Spanish model with the soul of a gypsy…”. Well that’s me, ladies and gentlemen. I need to travel constantly. It’s my downfall, my passion in life. I love to travel with my family, now that it’s complete: my love and life partner, Emmanuel; my daughter Zoe and my dog Uma… My trips are so much more special with them. The truth is, my trips are perfect when I’m with them. I’ve always been a tireless traveler and I have to confess that when I’m

Those Were The 90’s

The 90’s were an interesting time in terms of fashion because two quite styles came together: on the one hand, we had a grunge-rock style inspired by bands like Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Sound Garden, 4 Non Blondes, etc., who used to wear jeans and plaid shirts with the famous “utility boots” with a military inspiration. Some wore big hats, and others just had great hair in different colors… that combination of leather, denim and plaid, which characterized the era, was quite interesting. Today I wanted to honor the influence of the 90’s with this look that I have prepared.



When I think about sophistication, I think about JOHANNA ORTIZ. She radiates elegance, simplicity and sophistication. She’s a designer to admire and to be looking out for always, because everything, and I say, everything she creates, is a must-have. With love, C.   // JOHANNA ORTIZ dress – JOHANNA ORTIZ clutch – JOHANNA ORTIZ sunglasses – JOHANNA ORTIZ shoes – PAULA MENDOZA bracelet – LOEWE pendant //   [ photo by Carolina Osejo ] Bogotá, Colombia.    

Barcelonnette ❥


Here’s the season’s must-have: the BARCELONNETTE top by LA COUTURE MAISON. Many designers have included it in their collections with wide sleeves and a strapless neckline. I loved it both ways. With love, C // BARCELONETTE en LA COUTURE MAISON blusa – TENNIS pantalones // [ photo by Camography ] [ maquillaje y peluquería by Alejandro Romero ]

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