Look Of The Day #2 ColombiaModa

Look Day 2 ColombiaModa2016

Getting it right, inside and out. That is the mantra of Maya Memovic, creative director at Azulu. The results are obvious. She wants to be “best in class” and she’s succeeding. I’ve been following this talented New Yorker who lives in Colombia since I became aware of her work, and that’s the reason why I wanted an Azulu look for the 2016 edition of ColombiaModa. This was my choice.

The first commandment of a blogger covering a fashion week event is to dress as comfortably as possible to be able to work and move freely, without forgetting the style that everyone expects from you as a fashion blogger and model, in my case. Azulu meets all of these requirements. I’m officially a fan.

With love,

I’m wearing:

// AZULU total look //

ColombiaModa 2016 look day2

ColombiaModa 2016

ColombiaModa 2016 fashion blogger

ColombiaModa 2016 modelo

ColombiaModa 2016 look azulu

Look Azulu ColombiaModa 2016

Look cómodo Azulu

Look fashion blogger en semana de la moda

Look para fashion week

My darling team:

[ photo by Carolina Osejo ]
[ make-up & hair by Alejandro Romero ]

Medellín, Colombia

  1. Paca says:

    Cris estas guapísima, ,,,bueno más que guapa elegantisima

  2. Sandra Ramírez says:

    Lo dicho ÚNICA !!

  3. Carolina Arias says:

    La marca Azulu la conocí en San Andres Islas (de donde es mi esposo y vive mi suegra). Me encanta y siempre que voy a sus tiendas consigo algo que va con mi estilo. Un punto a Azulu

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