Leopard Mood

It’s pretty clear that animal print is a trend that dies and is reborn continuously. To be honest, I’ve never been a fan of this print because it’s not that easy to know what it goes with, which is why it’s more likely to look bad rather than favor your style. Be careful! However, if you’re able to get the hang of it, this print can give you a glamorous, elegant and sophisticated look. The key is not to overdo it! In STUDIO F‘s new collection, I found a perfect outfit for a business dinner. For me, the best combination with animal print is black.

With love,

Leopard Mood

Animal print look

Cristina Warner - Animal Print

Leopard mood - look

//STUDIO F one-piece – STUDIO F leopard blazer – STUDIO F necklace – ZARA shoes //

[ photos by Carolina Osejo ]

Bogotá, Colombia

  1. Paca says:

    Man canta! !!!

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