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We released our first video post today! You can watch it on my YouTube channel and here on the blog. I wanted to do it by presenting the pieces of the new Rapsodia collection I fell in love with and my favorite Anine Bing jeans. I needed something different from what I had seen; I wanted it to be authentic, special, unique, and then I heard about Felipe Loazia, a photographer from Medellín who’s characterized by strong and direct photos and some stylish videos. Top-notch photos. It was just what I needed, but he lives in Medellin, so I called my team and almost without realizing it we were on a plane to meet with Felipe and his assistant, Favio, in his studio. It was a real luxury to film with him, and the effort was well worth it. I hope you like the results. It’ll be the first of many!

With love,

I’m wearing:

My darling team:
[make- up & hair by Alejandro Romero ]

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