Bogotá Fashion Week Day #2

Look Bogotá Fashion Week

In my opinion, Colombia has a long way to go in the world of fashion, but this year helped me realize that the people that are really passionate about the subject are beginning to take risks and to reinvent themselves. I love this universe and everything around it; fashion has been a part of me since I was almost a child. When I was 16 I started modeling around the world and although I don’t consider myself an expert and obviously I’m not a designer, I have been fortunate to live in the big capitals of fashion and to model in each of the major international shows… all of which gave me the opportunity to know this world from the inside out and to work in it by experimenting and learning the many faces of this art.

The first day of BOGFW came with many surprises. I loved the fabrics and patterns presented by Etxebarria, my fellow Spaniard. I was fascinated by Dario Cardenas proposal; the staging was wonderful and his magical prints transported me to the heart of Peru. I also really liked Faride Ramos collection (I’d wear everything) and finally, I was totally in love with Diego Guarnizo, that man is too much. His human qualities, his love, passion, his essence … everything was carefully reflected in a very poetic and authentic way.

I chose an elegant fuchsia Emporio Armani suit. I’d love to know what you think about my look.

With love,

I’m wearing:


Look Bogotá Fashion Week

Bogotá Fashion Week 2

Semana de la moda Bogotá

Bogotá Fashion Week

Bogotá Fashion Week 2016 2

Bogotá Fashion Week 2016 3

Bogotá Fashion Week 2016 4

Interviewing Etxebarria (you’ll see the interview very soon…)

Bogotá Fashion Week 2016 5

Bogotá Fashion Week 2016 6

Bogotá Fashion Week 2016 7

Entrevista Diego Guarnizo

Interview with Diego Guarnizo

Bogotá Fashion Week 2016 8

Bogotá Fashion Week 2016 9

Bogotá Fashion Week 2016 10

Bogotá Fashion Week junto a Maria London

With beautiful Ana Maria Londoño (Director of Fucsia Magazine)

Desfile Etxeberria - BOGFW

Some photos of the Etxeberria show:


BOGFW 2016

Desfile Faride Ramos - BOGFW

Photos of the Faride Ramos shows:

Bogotá Fashion Week 2016 11

Bogotá Fashion Week 2016 10

Bogotá Fashion Week 2016 22

Show Dario Cardenas - BOGFW

Photos of the Dario Cardenas show:

Bogotá Fashion Week 2016

Desfile Diego Guarnizo y Maria Luisa Ortiz

Some photos of the Diego Guarnizo and Maria Luisa Ortiz show:

Bogotá Fashion Week 2016 26

Bogotá Fashion Week 2016 27

Bogotá Fashion Week 2016 28

Bogotá Fashion Week 2016 29

Bogotá Fashion Week 2016 30

[ photo by Carolina Osejo ]
[ make-up & hair by Alejandro Romero ]
[ production styling by We Are Barely Legal – Juan David Moya ]

Bogotá, Colombia.

  1. Carolina Arias says:

    El look increible. Ese color te sienta muy bien. Me encantó y el sombrero te luce montones. Gracias por compartir tus fotos y tu experiencia. Es bueno leerte y saber lo que piensas de la moda Colombiana, hay mucho que mejorar. Vamos paso a paso. En Bogotá las personas ya nos atrevemos a vestir de color llamativos, antes todo era muy negro, azul y gris.

  2. Paula peña says:

    más gente como tú hermosa! Talentosa y profesional #bogfw

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